nail stamping · XobyNikki

Will she stamp? 

That is the question! My current stash includes 232 nail polishes of which 33 are actually branded as a stamping polish. While they are all lovely I am trying to determine if my regular polishes can be used for nail stamping also. To be an actual stamping polish it should be visible over a dark color. Plenty of them will stamp over a light color. I wanted to create a system to try them but not render my swatch useless for the next time. If you use gel polishes also you can create a swatch wheel to use over and over. 

1. Use a dark polish color and paint your wheel. Let it completely dry. 2. Apply a soak off gel top coat and cure it under your lamp. For this one I did 90 seconds curing 5 or 6 at a time until the entire wheel is done. 3. You must remove the tackiness from the gel. Spray the wheel with rubbing alcohol (I just have 70%) and wipe off each swatch. Now you are ready to test! 

I picked this gorgeous hot pink by Xo by Nikki. You can purchase her products on instagram @xobynikki. 

I used my Bundle Monster clear stamper:

It picked up on the stamper so that is a great start 👍. This was the result:

Pretty cool! It’s not as vibrant, but I still like it. You just have to try out your polishes to determine which ones can be used. 

Once finished testing, simply wipe off your swatch with regular nail polish remover. It will only remove the stamping. I hope this works for you! 

Happy Stamping! 

Lee Ann

Lovedoingmynails 💅


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