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My Coral Crush

I never thought Coral was my color. PINK! Yes. ORANGE! No. There are a lot of Coral nail polishes, some on the pink side and some more on the orange 🍊 side. I got the idea to wear Coral this week because of a print I found on my dress. YesI know- we get our nail inspirations from just about everything: 

I held up all my polish wheels to the design and pink just did not seem to fit! The coral seemed to do the trick! I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Pretty Piggy”. It is a beautiful Coral right in the middle of Pink and Orange.

To my excited delight I found a nail stamping plate that had a similar image of the print. It is Moyou London Explorer plate 27.  I practiced stamping a few times but the design was too large for my nail (I have tiny nails)! So I decided to make a nail decal and was pleased with the result (after a few trial and errors).  I cut the nail decal in half, one for each nail.

Stamping Polishes: Moonflower Polish La Perla Negra. Painted Polish Stamped in Guava. Painted Polish Stamped in Clay. 

How I made the nail decal:

  1. I used a Konad nail stamper to pick up the design image from the plate. Swipe the stamping polish on the plate and swipe off the excess with the scraper. Then stamp!
  2. Let the image dry for about 2 minutes.
  3. Apply a non-fast drying top coat to the image. Let dry. 
  4. Color in the design using a detail nail brush. Let dry. 
  5. Slowly peel away the decal using tweezers.
  6. Be careful with the decal- it will easily stick to anything near it. I lay it on a paper towel while I get ready for it. 
  7. Apply top coat to your nails- while still tacky lay the nail decal onto your nail- turn it over so the side you just painted is directly on the nail. Smooth out the image.
  8. Apply top coat on the nail to seal the image in place.

My other two nails is just a stamping design from the same plate.

I hope you enjoyed this design- Aztec prints are some of my favorite designs. I loved the design and that is the main thing!

Happy Polishing!

Lee Ann 

lovedoingmynails ❤️

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