nail stamping

Nail Stampers

I’ve had a lot of fun this week practicing my nail stamping. I have purchased three nail stampers and wanted to document what I learned:

Konad (far left) My favorite stamper that will not fail me. I can use any nail stamp plate and any nail stamp polish. It works! I purchased it through Amazon. Question is: where is the main website to purchase Konad supplies? Con: It is not see -through for exact design placement. I have tiny nails so sometimes I have to re-do the stamp.  This is why I prefer with nail stamping to use gel polish (soak off kind).  If you make an error, you just wipe off with nail polish remover and not mess up your nail color!

Moyou London- I want to love this, but I have very little luck picking up any polish with it. The nail stamping polishes from them and their plates are very good however (using my Konad stamper).

Born Pretty Stamper- This was so frustrating at first. What I discovered is that it won’t pick up polish from their own branded plates! It will pick up polish from Lina’s Nail Art Supplies or Moyou London plates. And the great thing is that you can see through it 😉. Don’t push down too hard. 

If you are new to nail stamping I suggest you search on the web for a u tube video that shows you how. There’s lots! 

At the end of the day, I am still searching for a clear stamper that works right from the get go with any plate.  If I can find that, it would be golden! 

Happy Polishing! My instagram handle is @lovedoing_mynails. I could use some more followers! Thanks for your support. 

Lee Ann

Lovedoingmynails 💅

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