Mandela Nail Stamping · Moonflower Polish · OPI Infinite Shine

Mandela Nail Stamping

Mandela Nail stamping and I just don’t get along! I feel this art needs its own category on my blog because I need to document my progress and hopefully improvements! 

My issue is that I have really small nails. It is super difficult to stamp square on the nail for consistency with the look on the other nails. 

Anyway,  I have some really pretty polishes to show you and the result. 

The polishes I wanted to stamp with is Moonflower Polish Periwinkle and La Perla Negra. They are the two on the left. They are beautiful!  The polishes I wanted to practice stamping on:

  • 1,2 and 5: Zoya Miley 
  • 3&4: Essie Suite Retreat   
  • 6: Opi Lavendurable
  • 7&8: Opi Reach for the sky
  • 9: China Glaze Active Color Retreat Yourself
  • 10: Zoya Abby
  • 11: Zoya Tina
  • 12: Opi To be Continued..

The practicing started….

What I discovered:

  • Small nails are difficult to put a large design. 
  • Lighter stamping polish looks good on darker nails such as no. 11 above. Zoya Tina with the periwinkle would look great.
  • Darker stamping polish looks better on a lighter image. I think if I would have used silver polish the result would be amazing. 

The one I selected was 12: Opi To Be continued. A beautiful polish on its own.

For the stamping I put a little shine over the polish : Ciate Halo then stamped with the dark one.

I stamped a different image on each nail. 

Needs more practice! The image did not hit the entire nail. A clear stamper may have worked to center the design better. I really LOVE mandelas so I hope I can improve the result to my liking one day. 

Happy Polishing!

❤️Lee Ann

lovedoingmynails 💅

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