Nail Decals

Nail Decals

I discovered a way to make nail decals at home this week. The method worked out great, it’s my nail art skills that need work! 

I took a gallon sized baggie and cut it into two pieces. Then I layered a sheet of coloring paper in between the two pieces. 

To make the nail decals: 1. Brush on some top coat to the area you want to make a nail design. Let it dry. I used Seche Vite. 2. color in the area with your polish and detail brush for the design. Let it completely dry. 3. Brush on your nail top coat. After about 10 seconds, lift up your nail design from the plastic and place on your nail. 4. Trim the decal to your nail and use acetone to clean up around the nail if necessary.  5. Add top coat to your nail and let dry. 

That is a sheet of coloring paper underneath a plastic storage bag. You can see the design through it, and trace or color the design. 

It did lift up for me, and I was able to transfer the design.  I can’t wait to try another design! 

My son graduated high school this week, I can’t believe it. The time has really flown by.  Yes I am a proud mom! 

Until next time, 

Lee ❤️

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