china glaze

Nail Polish Addict

Yes, OK I admit it! I have always liked to color. Whether it was as a kid in coloring books and paint by numbers or as an adult with crafts and coloring books. I never thought much about my nails because they are so tiny. For years I wore acrylic nails. Eventually I could not stand the filing down of the acrylic, dust and noise. I went for awhile with completely plain nails. 

Because I love cooking also, Pinterest is how I became attracted to the nail designs and colors. Originally I was only looking for recipes.  I don’t know why, so late in life (not SO late) I have become so addicted to painting my nails! I enjoy the challenge- it is not easy for me at all, but I am improving.  I just painted my nails on Sat and Sun- wanted to change it again today.

 My son is graduating from High School! I can’t believe it. Time flies. Very emotional for me, he had a rough start at birth, born at 32 weeks. So we are so very blessed and grateful for him.  He is very bright and wants to study computer science.  We are very proud!

I picked teal nail polish to wear to the graduation:

I love butterflies 🦋! I just had too. I didn’t realize I really needed another coat until I was done. That’s ok. I still like it. This is China Glaze Defiantly Daring. It comes in both gel and regular polish.  Also that is a Konad plate and Konad white stamping polish. 

I also worked on this project to enter a contest on Sunday for Moyou London. They’ve got super nice nail stamping polishes and plates, albeit pricey. Look for the sale bundles! 

The colors are on my Instagram post: 

Then I really went crazy and tried out this glitter polish from China Glaze: Give me the green light!

Yep, I think I’m an addict! That’s like 4 mani’s in two days. 😂 It’s all positive, do what you love!

Lee Ann – lovedoingmynails ❤️

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