The Watermarble Fiasco ðŸ˜¬

Once again I tried watermarbling! At least I have something to show for my efforts this time. The biggest problem I have is getting the colors to spread across the water. I tried the advice given by others. You can look up many videos of how to watermarble. I am not going to give pointers until I have a successful outcome. I have gotten help from @thewatermarbler on instagram and she has a YouTube channel also. Look at all the stuff I used to watermarble:

The colors are grey: Essie Now and Zen , blue: Essie In the Cab-Ana, neon yellow Tahitian Sun polish, China Glaze Give Me the green light.  You can see the supplies needed in the picture: watermarble tool, clean up brush, liquid latex to protect your skin. You need base and top coat, room temperature bottled water, glass or ceramic dish, acetone for clean up. 

After about two hours this was the result:

The fourth finger I tried first and it’s definitely the least defined. The thumb was done lastly and came out not too bad. This was on Saturday. Today I wanted to work on the other hand, thinking it would come out even better. WRONG!! I couldn’t get the colors to spread at all today 😡. So I changed my mani altogether. You can see it on my instagram page, the Moyou London nail stamping project @lovedoing_mynails. I would love to get a “like”!

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