nail stamping

Try, Try Again…

A learning week for sure. And what did I end up with? Well , I will show you but it’s not my best work.  I really wanted to do a gradient design, but it just came out awful. Like I could get part of the colors to come off the sponge but not all of it. 

Watermarbling? Forget it. I couldn’t even get the colors to spread out in the water! 😡

Then, I broke a nail organizing closets. I had to cut them short. My nails look terrible short because they are tiny.  I also tried gradient nail stamping but the colors were too light therefore the design was not visible against the whitish base color I used. 

We were going to a pool party so I changed the nail color to teal with a glitter topper. Was ok but  not a great polish job in my opinion. 

So today I changed one nail to look a little different and this was the result:

I hope to do a better job next time!

I hope you ladies had a great Mothers Day. Here is me and my son Luciano. ❤️ We had a great day.

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