Tahitian Sun

Life’s a beach! 

We are back from vacation but do not want the vacation to end! I couldn’t wait to work on my nails. My gel nails made it 10 days and could have kept going (I was tired of looking at them though). One of my toes- the nail split from hiking in espadrilles (note to self- remember what happens)!

 I bought a bottle of Tahitian Sun polish while on vacation, and it arrived the next day I got home. Perfect!  The custom nail polish idea is a great idea! I picked the white polish (pina colada) and added in the Silver Diamond mix in glitter. It’s so fun and they have lots of colors and mix ins (nope -I haven’t received anything from them in exhange for passing the information-I purchased it). 

The color is basically white with a silvery glitter that has some light blue in there. 

I did discover one thing- I’m not very good at using white polish. Every imperfection shows and clean up takes awhile. 

I went to the beach today and got this shot which I thought was cool:

And then went for ice cream:

I can’t resist a photo opp! 

I redid the pedicure as best I could to hide my imperfection! It is Danalak polish (says its made in Costa Rica).

That was the nail polish I bought in Costa Rica- a most beautiful wine. I have not been able to find this polish on the web.

Life’s a beach! 

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