OPI Infinite Shine

First blog post

My very first blog post, wow! This is cool.  You are going to see that “L” a lot!  It’s going to be part of my branding.  I love the bling and it’s my initial (it’s actually a holiday ornament- see I’m crafty that way). It’s funny how things get started.  I guess it all started with Pinterest (I love it and you can follow my boards there). The more I searched for pretty nail polish colors the more I wanted to get more involved.  I soon set up an Instagram account @lovedoing_mynails and took a couple pictures. I really look forward to working on my nails. Yes, I am a nail polish addict! Thanks to all the ladies before me that have shared their work and ideas.  It’s from social media postings that I have learned so much.  Ok! so this week- At first, I did a French manicure which I thought came out great (OPI Infinite shine Alpine snow and bubble bath).

.Bubble bath

Of course as soon as I painted it, I wanted to change it, make it special.  So I got the idea to do this with (OPI Infinite shine “tropical fijilistic”). It is a beautiful blue. BAM! Double French Mani. Ok my hand does not look that good but you get the idea. Once it’s completely dry as a regular French mani, just use nail tip guides and use another color.

Blue Tip

I hope you have enjoyed my first post, see you soon when I want to change my mani!

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